As a small, intimate school community where almost half our students board in one of our four halls, we pride ourselves on giving each girl a place where they can feel at home. Indeed, every girl is encouraged to use the campus as her own, and students regularly organise their own revision sessions in classrooms, be it for themselves or to help those in younger grades. This spontaneous kindness is a true characteristic of Marymount and is mirrored by our extraordinarily dedicated faculty, many of whom voluntarily come in at weekends to work with their students.

The family atmosphere which is cultivated on our idyllic campus is one which is an embodiment of global citizenship and religious pluralism in action. Spending any amount of time at Marymount, one realises that the critical lessons for the 21st century of openness toward and respect for diversity are ones which are not only taught in our School - they are lived, every single day. In effect, each girl is an active member of this Model United Nations.

As you will learn from perusing this section of our website, the happiness and well being of our students is paramount to us here at Marymount International School. Please use the links to the right to learn more about the Boarding family.