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17th February 2016
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Job Description

Each Houseparent is a member of the residential team and is directly responsible to the Head of Boarding and the Headmistress.  They will uphold the Catholic ethos and mission of the School, and she will work to ensure the smooth running of the four halls – Gailhac, Butler, St. Joseph’s and Main House.  The Houseparent’s overall aim is to create a relaxed, happy and caring environment, respecting the rights of others and maintaining good discipline.

The Houseparent works with the resident students in loco parentis and teaches by presence and example and challenges the students to adopt correct and good behaviour, always considerate of their boarding companions and especially roommates.

The Houseparent works with the boarders, implementing rules, regulations and recommendations with consistency, firmness and fairness. The Houseparent will endeavour to create an atmosphere of well-being in her House where the resident students will feel at home and at ease in.

Her role is shared with other residential staff, non-residential staff and the non-residential School Nurses.  The Houseparent will also work closely with student advisors in order to promote an understanding of the academic progress of students. Each Houseparent is attached to one of the four school House Teams and will develop a working relationship with girls in this House Team as well as those in the Hall in which the Houseparent resides.

Houseparent General Responsibilities and Duties

  • To have a genuine interest in the girls’ happiness, quality of life and progress.
  • To attend to the pastoral care of the girls in her house and to immediately report to Head of Boarding and/or Guidance Counsellor when she has a concern about a student or students.

  • To demonstrate care, compassion, common sense and above all reliability and accountability.

  • To work closely with all other Houseparents to plan appropriate leisure activities both during the week and at weekends.

  • To meet regularly with girls in her Hall group and House Team to discuss school situations and events and listen attentively to needs and to affirm students in their efforts.

  • To be aware of the academic progress of her students and to communicate with respective teachers any areas of concern.  To attend meetings which offer support for the students. ·      To meet daily with the Houseparent Team when on duty and ensure clear and professional handover communication regarding the care of the students.

  • To implement measures to be taken with a view to promoting, among the students, self-discipline and a proper regard for the guidelines on conduct laid down by the School, encouraging good behaviour on the part of students, and dealing with any infringements of discipline, and if necessary by referring them  to Head of Boarding, Deputy Head or Headmistress.

  • To meet with Head of Boarding to advise of any difficulties or problems that may need immediate attention.

  • To report to the nurse any illness before class and to follow up on all students, reporting all cases of illness to the Head of Boarding.

  • To maintain and update the files of her girls, checking at the beginning of term for the permission form, the validity and expiry date of passports and visas for travel.  Passports are to be kept in the safe in the Houseparents’ Office.

  • To undertake all supervisory duties as required by the schedule of events and activities, according to the duty rota. To work flexibly in accordance with the requirements of other members of the Houseparent Team in order to ensure a harmonious and professional environment.

  • To ensure that all boarders have sufficient rest, and that bed-time routines appropriate to the age group are established and maintained.

  • To ensure that the Halls, whenever necessary, are not left unattended so that boarders are always adequately supervised.

  • To sleep in the Hall every night during term time other than time off authorised by the Headmistress.

  • To attend all relevant staff meeting and INSET days and relevant external courses recommended by Head of Boarding or the Headmistress.

  • To attend all parent staff meetings or other meetings about student, as required by Head of Boarding, Deputy Head or headmistress.

  • To ensure that visitors to the house are welcomed and carefully monitored, and that the bedroom accommodation, including the corridors, where possible, is private to the students and to the members of the House Team only and parents at the appropriate times.

  • To obtain parental permission for any visit by a boarder to another family member at any time.

  • To obtain parental permission for any overnight stay away from the School, including trips home.

  • To do a final check every evening of the girls in each Hall at the time of lights out, so as to ascertain that each student is accounted for and precautions are taken in case of an emergency during the night.  The bed check list should be ticked in order to complete this task.  This check list must be returned to the Houseparents’ Office before breakfast each day.  The central Fire List should be held by the Head of Boarding or Duty Houseparent overnight, taken to breakfast and only returned to the Houseparent Office after 08:25hrs.

  • To see to the correctness and tidiness of dress code at all times.

  • To consistently implement the policies for ensuring discipline within the boarding house.

  • To complete and read the Hall Handover sheets and Daily Handover spread sheet every day in order to be fully aware of on-going issues.  To read all handover material and team meeting agendas when returning from scheduled time off.

  • To write reports on students twice per year.

  • To be aware of fire alarm procedures and evacuation of the buildings and all safety and security procedures required.

  • To Liaise with the House Keeper and Head of Boarding to ensure the Halls are ready in all aspects for the use of students at the beginning of term, and that is left in a properly secured and organised state after the departure after the last student at the end of each term.

  • A full induction programme will commence on joining the School. This will include training where necessary and introduction to the School procedures and its organisation.

Note: This job description is not a comprehensive definition it will be reviewed as part of the cycle of appraisal and it may be subject to modification or amendment at any time after consolation with the holder of the post. Further guidance of duties and responsibilities is found in the Handbooks.

Marymount is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff to share this commitment. The successful applicant must be willing to undergo child protection screening appropriate to the post.

Marymount is an Equal Opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community