Visual Art
At Marymount we offer each student the opportunity to embark on a creative journey of artistic discovery. We give all MYP students the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of media and those who opt to continue with the Diploma go on to choose their preferred medium from a rich palette including ceramics, fashion, painting and photography. Students are introduced to a wide range of art forms from different periods and cultures, and each is then asked to produce her own response to the ideas she has encountered. In addition to this focus on the individual, community-building is at the fore in this subject, with shared endeavour and group work during class time, and exhibitions giving the older girls the chance to share their coursework.

We recognise that students thrive when they can connect with the course content, and for this reason we enjoy juxtaposing traditional key skills in drawing and painting with explorations in contemporary media. Furthermore, the learning experience for each of our girls is enriched by our School's outstanding IT facilities, for example through the use of Photoshop for digital image manipulation.

Beyond the classroom, our artists have ample opportunity to visit art galleries in nearby London and further afield. In addition, Marymount girls are fortunate to benefit from weekly access to the professional studios of the nearby University of Epsom, courtesy of the National Art & Design Saturday Club administered by the Sorrell Foundation. There is also opportunity for independent first-hand research at Diploma level, and beyond this several students from each graduating class are accepted to leading institutions in the field each year, including Slade and The Bartlett, UCL.