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30 / 01 / 18 | NEWS

This morning, during their Homeroom period, Grade 9 learnt about Epiphany, to mark the arrival of the Three Wise Men to visit Jesus Christ in Bethlehem on January 6th, and his baptism by John the Baptist in the river Jordan. We learnt how Epiphany is celebrated in various countries around the world and celebrated this Fête des Rois according to an old French tradition. Since the 14th century, people in France eat the galette or brioche des Rois  and according to the custom, the cake must be divided so that each guest is given a slice. An extra one, called the part du Bon Dieu/Vierge/Pauvre (Good Lord/Virgin/Poor), is reserved for any unexpected stranger.  At least one fève (charm) in a shape of a figurine is hidden in the cake.


Usually the youngest child, whilst sitting under the table, directs whoever is serving, to the recipient of each slice. The lucky one who receives the figurine becomes the king or the queen of the day, and he/she is given a golden or silver couronne (crown). So Alma Duval-Koenig and Marym Ben-Butain started the day by creeping under tables and eventually Marie Mathieu and Maryam Sadig became King and Queen.

Our sincere thanks go to Andy who baked the most delicious and beautiful brioches for us all to share. Definitely fit for a King and Queen.

Ms Pengilly

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