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Chemistry Trip to GSK

09 / 03 / 18 | NEWS

Last Monday, 5th of March 2018, the Grade 11 IB Chemistry class visited the British

Pharmaceutical Company, GlaxoSmithKline, GSK.

It was a fascinating trip since we were able to explore the GSK Headquarters with experts that are currently developing skin care, oral care and other healthcare products.

Firstly, we conducted an experiment regarding the time it takes for a tablet to dissolve inside our stomach. Then, we had to find out the type of tablet coating that would give the optimum delay of dissolving the tablet in the stomach. This reaction was to mimic a long lasting medication.

Secondly, we visited the Consumer Science Lab where we saw the second largest touch screen in the world. It had a resolution of approximately 8,000 HD. We were also able to see where they conduct consumers’ experiments, which enables them to have a deeper understanding of the consumers’ views and opinions on the packaging and quality of their products. Moreover, we had the opportunity to talk to the different experts in GSK who gave us advice on our own future careers in Science and Technology.

In conclusion, it was a very informative and inspiring trip, and one that we would recommend to everyone seeking a career in any of the scientific fields relating to the work conducted at GSK.

– Grade 11 Students

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