Mathematics Update, March 2018 - Marymount International School London

Mathematics Update, March 2018

15 / 03 / 18 | NEWS

There has been a lot going on so far as competitions and trips go this semester. We have had the last few rounds of the ASMA (American Scholastic Mathematics Association) competition, which is open to anyone from Grades 7-9. Congratulations are due to Sahana for being our clear top scorer over the 6 rounds.

The other in-school competition was the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge, which is taken by students in Grade 9 and 10, and on a voluntary basis for those in Grade 8. The stand-out result here was from Cristina, in Grade 8. She not only achieved a Gold Certificate, but was also Best in School and her result qualified her for the Intermediate Maths Olympiad paper, which she took yesterday. Three other students, Madoka, Advika and Polina, achieved Silver Certificates, and 13 a Bronze certificate.

There has also been the Maths Feast, a competition organised nationally for students in Grade 9, and their report on this event is below:

The Maths Feast Competition experience was truly a fun and educational one. Going in, we were nervous about how it was going to turn out, but it ended up being both enriching and enjoyable. By working together as a team and tackling the problems together, we were able to achieve the highest score for one of the rounds and learned lessons about the power of teamwork and our own potentials.

One of the main things that was important during this competition was our collaboration – it was all about the team effort, and how we could split each exercise based on our individual strengths. Overall, it was a really fun experience, and we were able to test our knowledge under time constraints, as well as challenge ourselves with problems that needed to be solved in different manners.

Ani, Sahana, Advika, Asuka accompanied by  Mr Elden

We also sent three students to take part in the Junior ISMTF Maths Competition in Rome. This is a very tough competition but the girls all enjoyed it, as is evident in their report below:

From the 9-11 of March, Ela, Madoka(Grade 10) and I (Grade 9) went to Rome for the ISMTF Math Competition. It was an amazing experience for all of us. We got to expand our knowledge in maths and made many friends from various different countries, all of whom shared the same passion and enthusiasm for the subject. We got the chance to work and collaborate with different people during the challenges and we learnt a lot from them. The competition was challenging and stimulating and it definitely heightened our abilities and strengths in many different topics of math. Overall, it was a very educational and fun trip and we would love to take part in this competition again. Thank you very much to Mrs Symons for all her support during the trip.



Back home, Mr Elden, assisted by Ms Jakomin, took his Grade 10 Maths Extended group to a Maths in Action conference in London, where the students listened to a number of inspiring talks during the day from professionals who use maths in their jobs to those who are just very enthusiastic about it. A great deal was learned as to how maths can be applied in the real-world and enthused the girls to continue expanding their knowledge of the subject.

Lastly, as part of their “Flooring a Flat” project, a representative from each project group in Grade 7 went to Simply Floors, located near the School, to find out more about the types of floor available and ask questions from the flooring experts available. They then fed this information back to their group in order to produce their final plans. My thanks to Mr Elden for organising this trip.

We have more competitions and international trips coming up after Easter.

That’s all for now,

Mr Blake

Chair of Mathematics

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