Ib Results 2018 - Marymount International School London

Ib Results 2018

09 / 07 / 18 | NEWS

Congratulations Class of 2018! 

We are delighted to announce that the IB Diploma results for the Class of 2018 maintain the Marymount tradition of high academic achievement.

Average score: 36 points

Our average score has been maintained consistently for the last five years. Globally, this score is achieved by the top 15% of all students taking the IB Diploma exam. The world average is 29.9 points.

40+ points 

A very impressive 27% of our students scored 40 points and above (which is higher than A*A*A*A* at A-levels) and is typically only achieved by only 5% of students worldwide. Many local students who joined Marymount for at least 4 years of the School’s full 7-year IB did particularly well by scoring 40 points and above. They clearly benefitted from the pre-diploma preparation (IB MYP) offered at Marymount which is so vital for success at Diploma level. 


38% of our students achieved 38+ points (the equivalent of A*AA), which places them in the top 10% globally.

Pass rate: 100% (the world average is 79%)

Bilingual IB Diploma 

A Bilingual Diploma was awarded to 42% of our students who each did two literature courses in one of 7 different languages as well as English. 

Marymount offers students the best preparation possible for top tier global careers, as graduates are multilingual, culturally fluent and instinctively internationally-minded. The Class of 2018 come from 29 different countries and all graduates have benefitted from a truly international environment which prepares them for life in a global setting. 

Top University Destinations 

To date, confirmed University Destinations include Oxford, Imperial College, Warwick, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Barnard College in the USA. Others are heading for top universities in Japan, Europe, and Canada. 

In light of our broad entry selection and our holistic approach to teaching, our results confirm that Marymount students are able to fulfil their true potential and in many cases perform beyond expectations.

Well done and best wishes to all!

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