A Tree Grows at Marymount - Marymount International School London

A Tree Grows at Marymount

18 / 10 / 18 | NEWS

Today the Grade 6 class affirmed their identity as the newest group at Marymount by planting a “Cornus controversa” (member of the dogwood family) in the Garden near Our Lady’s.  This tree represents all the growth and good memories to be gained through their days and years here on campus.  Along with their advisors, the girls pitched in to dig the hole, place the tree, and then water it once planted.  Many thanks to Mr. Dickinson for helping select the tree and prepare the site.  At the end of the brief ceremony, Mrs. Burke led us in a prayer, “Lord, God, bless this tree.  May that which we plant today be given health and strength to stretch its roots deep in this soil, from which we pray it will flourish for years to come as a sign of beauty of Your creation.  Like the wind that stirs its leaves, may your Holy Spirit be breathed forth on us as we continue to grow and learn here at Marymount School, London.”  It will be our joy to watch this beautiful tree grow and flourish right alongside of the our Grade 6’s.

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