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15 / 03 / 19 | NEWS

What an inspiration!  We were privileged to have Dr. Merritt Moore, the quantum physics ballerina, with us on Wednesday as the keynote for our Science Week. 

She shared her creative and analytical gifts with the girls and encouraged them to see and believe in what is possible.  Dr. Moore is a quintessential example of following one’s passion and dreams and demonstrates that science and arts are not mutually exclusive.  Also a wonderful message out of her presence was to have nerve and to ask:  Grade 7 Ariana Hassan was the one who invited Dr. Moore after having read about her in Rebel Girls, volume 2.   I hope each girl at Marymount will explore, wonder, and be inspired by her limitless potential and unique path in fulfilling of God’s plan.

See you next Friday afternoon at the International Family Fair—lots to share and celebrate there!

Margaret Frazier, Headmistress


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Please note, there will be only one student transport bus on Friday 22nd March at 6.30pm.

RSHM Trips Information Evening

You are invited to attend an information evening on Thursday 21 March for the RSHM trips to Paris and Rome, which will run during the first week of April 2019.  If you are able to attend, please can you RSVP via the ‘Parents Evening System’ portal, the instructions for which can be accessed via the button below.

I do hope you are able to attend, and look forward to meeting you then.

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Reading Challenge Book Club

Why not join this month’s Reading Challenge Book Club for a chat about books over a picnic lunch? This month’s theme is Difference and Fitting In. Feel free to come to the library for book suggestions! Email Ms Openshaw on to confirm your attendance!

The next session is on Thursday 21st March, P5 (12.15) in Room 8.

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Peer Tutoring

If you are having trouble or need a boost in any subject, let Ms. Forrest know if you’re interested in peer tutoring and she can arrange for a high school student to help!

Would you be interested in learning to play the clarinet or the saxophone? 

If so please email Miss Stockall –

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