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05 / 04 / 19 | NEWS

It was a wonderful week of new activities and new friends through the RSHM Heritage Festival.  Whether your daughter stayed here as part of the MUN or travelled to Paris for the Maker Faire or Rome for the ISTA Theater or Sports Festival, she challenged herself and shared in our rich mission across the Marymount schools.  I am very proud of how engaged, positive, and competitive our girls were throughout the week.  May the lessons learned and memories gained carry us through the remainder of our Lenten journey and bring us to a glorious Easter and break!

Margaret Frazier, Headmistress

RSHM Festivals

ISTA Festival, Instituto Marymount – Rome, Italy

Sports Festival, Marymount Rome – Italy

Maker Faire, Marymount Paris

MUN, Marymount London

Click here for photographs of International Day.

Reading Challenge Book Club

Why not join this month’s Reading Challenge Book Club for a chat about books over a picnic lunch? April/May’s theme is Recommended Books. Pick a book that someone has recommended, or choose a library book which has a yellow ‘recommended’ sticker at the top of the spine! Email Ms Openshaw on to confirm your attendance!

The date for the April/May book club will be confirmed on return from the Easter holidays.

Click here for the permission form, due to Ms Forrest by Monday, 8th April.

Click here for the After School Clubs & Societies schedule

Click here for the Extra-Curricular Dance timetable

Peer Tutoring

If you are having trouble or need a boost in any subject, let Ms. Forrest know if you’re interested in peer tutoring and she can arrange for a high school student to help!

Would you be interested in learning to play the clarinet or the saxophone? 

If so please email Miss Stockall –

Click here for the Weekly Calendar w/e 12th April.


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