Mother-Daughter Luncheon - Marymount International School London

Mother-Daughter Luncheon

31 / 05 / 19 | NEWS

This Thursday, the graduating Class of 2019 had their Alumnae Induction Ceremony in the Chapel, followed by the annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon.

The students were joined by their mothers and teachers to celebrate the end of their Marymount career. They were also joined by guest speaker, Midori Komachi, a successful musician and writer from the Class of 2006. Midori spoke of her career in music and writing, as well as her formative years as a Marymount student, learning to defy setbacks and challenges. She also performed a stunning rendition of Bach’s Gavotte en Rondean, from Portita No. 3 in E major.

Today, the students will attend their last Mass at Marymount, before they officially graduate tomorrow. One wise mother (she now has her youngest of three girls graduating from Marymount) said to our Headmistress, Mrs. Frazier, yesterday at the Mother-Daughter luncheon, “You give these girls roots and wings.” That is our greatest hope for each of our students.

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