Thanksgiving - Marymount International School London


06 / 12 / 19 | NEWS

Every year, the Marymount community gathers for a Thanksgiving Reflection, before celebrating with an all-school Thanksgiving meal.

We seek to cultivate grateful hearts not just on Thanksgiving, a wonderful spiritual and culinary celebration in Marymount tradition, but on each day of the year.  We have so much and so many opportunities:  in the spirit of the Gospel of Luke, we expect our students to be individuals for and with others, to be generous with their talents and acts of kindness, and to share the many gifts that they have been given. In Advisory, students were given a booklet to reflect on and consider.  It centers on the front door of the RSHM “Mother House” in Beziers, 21 rue Ermengaud. This iconic blue door has come to symbolise for us the shelter of God’s love and the care of others who need our help.

Whether or not we can list 21 reasons why we are grateful, may we all find our anchor in gratitude in this season, throughout Advent, and into the New Year.  Our task is to live gratefully!

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