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NHS Induction

23 / 01 / 20 | NEWS

Last week, our community gathered to induct 20 students into the National Honor Society.

The National Honor Society was established in 1921 and remains amongst the best-known and most prestigious honor societies in the world. For nearly 100 years the NHS has recognised and celebrated students who demonstrate the pillars of scholarship, leadership, character and service. The NHS also aims to provide its members with opportunities to further cultivate these ideals within themselves, their schools, and their communities, in the hope that they will become the principled, effective leaders that the world so desperately needs. Although all NHS Chapters share these ideals, each has a different approach to doing so.

Congratulations to those students for being inducted into Marymount’s Chapter of the National Honor Society!

“It has been such an honour to have been selected for membership in the National Honour society this year. I am so excited to work alongside my committee and collaborate with the others to come up with new initiatives that involve the entire school community. I am looking forward to start planning for events and talks with the lecture series and get to know the kind of hard work and commitment that goes into the process, I really believe that we can have a fruitful and productive year in 2020!”

Iman, Grade 11


“It is not easy to be a good leader. Leadership requires hard work, persistence, striving to be the best possible version of yourself, and having a vision that others will want to get behind. Perhaps most importantly, though, leaders believe in their teams. As John Buchanan beautifully put it, “the task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already.”

Ela, NHS Vice President, Grade 12


“A student rarely comes to school and asks herself why she’s here – whether there could be a greater purpose to what she’s learning than academic achievement or even the joy of learning new things. This is why I love the National Honor Society.  NHS membership challenges us to ask that question. In the NHS, we begin to learn the purpose behind our own scholarship. In other words, we learn what scholarship can bring to the table in a genuinely student-led leadership group.”

Alicia, Grade 12


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