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Grade 8 TED Talks

18 / 06 / 20 | NEWS

Every year, Grade 8 students are given the opportunity to reflect on the skills and ideas they have developed over three years of studying Core by conceiving, researching, writing and delivering their very own TED Talks.

Ordinarily, these would be delivered in school at our mini ‘TED Festival’, but this year online learning has prompted the girls to film their TED Talks. Out of the dozens of fantastic topics and talks they came up with, we thought we would select three talks to share with the community. So, here is Julinka on how she has reengaged with nature during lockdown, Ariana on how to understand phobias, and Gemma on the science of mindfulness. Enjoy!

Re-engaging With Nature During Lockdown

How To Understand Phobias

The Science of Mindfulness

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