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Wimbledon BookFest Competition

01 / 07 / 20 | NEWS

Marymount is proud to announce that Diya, a 2019-2020 Grade 9 student, was named the winner of the 2020 Wimbledon BookFest Young Writers’ Competition (KS4 category) for her poem, In All Your Glory. Congratulations to Diya and the 8 additional Marymount students whose submissions were recognized among 367 entries from 53 local schools:

Emma B. (Grade 6)

Aleksandra (Grade 9)

Grace (Grade 7)

Lucy (Grade 9)

Paulina (Grade 8)

Tess (Grade 6)

Malaika (Grade 6)

Olivia (Grade 6)

Wimbledon BookFest annually hosts the Young Writers’ Competition. This year, students were invited to submit an imaginative story or a poem along the theme of ‘The Secret’. Students were encouraged to take inspiration from examples in literature (such as The Lion the Witch and the WardrobeThe Secret Garden, and Harry Potter) or from their own personal experiences.

Diya’s award-winning poem was chosen for its excellent writing and ability to engage the reader:

In All Your Golden Glory

by Diya, Grade 9

You’re calm and collected, like
citrus pudding.
Lighthearted down to the sponge, with  sunlit layers
rolled in sweet lemon curd
and topped off with an iced

beneath the horizon
like a disappearing sail,
or they’ll slash your air-whipped skin
and strain the sugar from your bloodstream.

like an explorer’s dream​—
sunken gold covered by coral​—
or they’ll pare you down to the bone
and leave a worm-eaten crumb in your stead.

from the seabed
in all your golden glory,
and you’ll find, soon enough,
you’re too sublime to last a day.
It won’t hurt to give way.

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