ISTA IB Theatre Conference - Marymount International School London

ISTA IB Theatre Conference

08 / 10 / 20 | NEWS

This week, the IB Theatre students were involved in a 3-day theatre conference, facilitated by the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA).

The conference was a valuable opportunity for our Theatre students to develop the skills needed for the completion of their course. The students travelled the world over the three days! They began their journey by learning and analysing the world theatrical tradition of Noh, allowing students to further understand Japanese culture.

Then they went to Brazil, and studied theatre practitioner and theorist, Augusto Boal, his theatrical practice of Theatre of the Oppressed, and his revolutionary work in political activism, conflict resolution, therapy and government legislation. They then studied Australian playwright, Matt Cameron, and the creation of tension, emotion, atmosphere and meaning in the text, ‘Ruby Moon’.

The British devising company, Gecko Theatre, allowed students to analyse the importance of breath in the performance space and how intrinsic, authentic and human storytelling is. Finally, the students attended a masterclass by New York theatre artist, Bill Bowers, who studied under the iconic Mime artist, Marcel Marceau.

All sessions were holistic and interconnected, reflecting the nature of the IB Diploma, the Middle Years Programme and a Marymount London education.






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