West African Dance & Drumming Workshop - Marymount International School London

West African Dance & Drumming Workshop

23 / 10 / 20 | NEWS

Yesterday, Grade 10 students participated in a dynamic and energetic West African Dance and Drumming Workshop run by Jamo Jamo Arts and director, Landing Mané.

Landing Mané has over 40 years’ experience as a student, performer and teacher of West African music, song and dance. In his home country of Senegal, he was Artistic Director for the company Bakalama of Thionck-Essyl, which incorporates percussion, song and dance performance.

Throughout the day, students not only learned an entire drumming sequence and original dance choreography, but were able to learn more about West African culture and the lives of musicians and performers. African drumming is an energizing, motivating and joyous experience and students came away from the workshop having learnt to play the djembe and choreograph an original dance routine.


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