Grade 8 Leadership Retreat - Marymount International School London

Grade 8 Leadership Retreat

23 / 10 / 20 | NEWS

On Monday, Grade 8 had the opportunity to join our sister schools, Marymount Paris, Marymount Rome and Instituto Rome, in a virtual Leadership Retreat.

The event was hosted by Marymount Paris and involved various activities looking at how we, as individuals, can make a difference in the campaign for peace in our world. We heard from keynote speakers, including Saskia Nino de Rivera, who gave an inspirational talk about her charity, Reinserta.

One of our Grade 8 students reflected:

“It was very inspirational to hear about how Saskia Nino de Rivera has made such a difference at such a young age, impacted hundreds of people and changed their lives by giving them a second chance and future.”


The students had a wonderful day, and were able to reflect on how our community can help the world.

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