All-Weather Pitch - Marymount International School London

All-Weather Pitch

13 / 11 / 20 | NEWS

The current health crisis and the regulations put in place to keep us all safe have unfortunately limited children’s access to sport and physical activity. This in turn affects the physical and mental health of students across the country.

Last year, we looked to the community to help us shine a spotlight on the benefits of sport. To create more space for physical activity at Marymount, today we started work on the lower tennis court on campus. This quiet corner of the School will spring to life and become our new multi-use sports pitch for volleyball, basketball, netball and tennis. As well as being an additional space for PE, it will be able to host Middle School Activities and Extracurricular Sport. It will also allow our Sports department to run additional strength and conditioning sessions outside of the Sports Hall.

Marymount continues to invest in sport by bringing new spaces online for our students to use. Thanks to the diligent work of our Governing Body, alongside donations from the Marymount community, we are excited what we will start using this space from January 2021!

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