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Grade 11 Retreat

13 / 11 / 20 | NEWS

On Tuesday the 10th of November, Grade 11 took a day away from their academic timetable to have their annual spiritual retreat.

Although we weren’t able to leave campus due to lockdown restrictions, Ms Burke’s and Miss Lawes’ efforts paid off and we had a relaxing day in the Library. Our Grade loved being able to take a break from academic subjects and take time to be with friends, to collaborate together and build unity in our group.

One of the most enjoyable moments of the retreat was when we all designed our own custom happiness jars. We filled these brightly decorated jars with happy facts, unforgettable memories, and intimate messages from some of our closest friends. We also took part in a positive affirmation activity where we filled our peers’ blank sheets with compliments. Taking a moment to step back and appreciate these amazing memories and friendships was truly heart-warming and a great reminder of the many things we should be grateful for, despite the current circumstances. Of course, one of the things we were most grateful for was hot chocolate and warm cookies from the amazing kitchen staff!

Grade 11 ended the day with a guided meditation from Ms Burke with pillows and blankets, learning to let go of our worries for a minute and simply be in the present. We all left school with a sense of deep calm and greater appreciation for each other. We all took away great techniques to handle difficulties, and learned that the most important thing is to take care of your wellbeing.

Thank you Ms Burke and Miss Lawes and all staff involved for preparing such a wonderful day – we loved it!

By Mugdha, Jana and Sofia, Grade 11

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