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Students explore Cometary Physics

20 / 11 / 20 | NEWS

Like a far-flung interstellar comet…. ORBYTS has returned!

Twelve Physics students from Grades 10 and 11 have joined this exciting Astrophysics Club, now running for its third consecutive year. This time we are lead by Qasim Afgan, a PhD student from University College London and a world specialist in comet Physics.

ORBYTS meets after school every other Tuesday to provide Grade 10 and 11 Physics students with an enriching set of subject-specific skills in different aspects of Astrophysics. In previous years we have explored exoplanets and galaxies.

Together with students from our partner school, Holy Cross New Malden, our intrepid Marymount explorers will be investigating the behaviour of comets, whilst learning python programming to analyse real data from the Twinkle space mission. They will then produce a joint research project to be presented to University College London. Should they achieve novel results, their work can be published in a Scientific journal.

We can’t wait to tell you more about this as our journey through the physics of comets unravels..! Stay tuned!

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