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Virtual Careers Fair

18 / 12 / 20 | NEWS

This Thursday, Marymount celebrated its annual high school Careers Fair.

We were extremely lucky to have speakers from such a diverse range of professions join us online and share their nuanced experiences and insights into their respective fields of work. The students were given a chance to attend three talks of their choice, from a variety of fascinating fields including diplomacy, law, finance, politics, medicine, arts, and journalism. The talks were a perfect combination of amusing anecdotes and practical advice on choosing the right career trajectory and were highly appreciated by our high schoolers who are currently in the process of making crucial decisions regarding their future academic choices. Although they were virtual, students did not miss the interactive quotient of a live talk through the questions and answers round, which allowed them to engage with the speakers and deepen their understanding of the journey that underlies these professional successes.

For the final session of the afternoon, we welcomed Ms. Munira Wilson, the Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham who delivered an empowering talk on her experience of working in the political sphere, inspiring all of us to serve our communities and enable the change we want to see in the world.

The students ended the day with a quiet reflection which allowed them to record their learnings from the talks and further research about the fields of work that piqued their curiosity. Overall, they deeply enjoyed exploring potential careers and finding exciting work opportunities that they might have not even previously considered.

By Mugdha, Grade 11 – Student Council Vice-President

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