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Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

29 / 01 / 21 | NEWS

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 was Light the darkness.

It encouraged everyone to reflect on the depths humanity can sink to, but also the ways individuals and communities resisted that darkness to ‘be the light’ before, during and after genocide. Light the darkness is an affirmation and a call to action for everyone marking Holocaust Memorial Day. This theme asks us to consider different kinds of ‘darkness’, for example, identity-based persecution, misinformation, denial of justice; and different ways of ‘being the light’, for example, resistance, acts of solidarity, rescue and illuminating mistruths. We can all stand in solidarity. We can choose to be the light in the darkness in a variety of ways and places – at home, in public, and online.

This year, some of our Grade 7 and 8 students created artwork and poems  in response to this year’s theme of Light the darkness, which we are delighted to share with you below.

Poem by Mencia, Grade 7

Do you ever think, wonder what the future holds for you?

Life won’t chase you for the opportunities

Rather blame you for the dreams you won’t pursue

A dream, may be a dream but duties are duties

Sometimes you don’t choose

Rather be strong for what you are chosen

At the hardest times life will throw you something,

Something that reminds you of that one time, one moment

Forget the dark, forget the light, forget the world.

Remember you’re here and the hearts that will always be here with you are your loved ones

Don’t give up

Don’t lose these opportunities that come to you because of..

Fright, danger, consequences and movies made up in your head for nothing

Live life, and enjoy it while you’re at it

Nobody will change you, or make you

Because you form yourself

not with the size of your body or height

not your name or your age

not the mistakes you have made

or the classes you’ve failed

but the words you speak

the places you travel and the one you call home

the people you love and the people that love you

people are jealous, haters are lovers

lovers of what you accomplish

and even in the times where you think

you are as useful as a pencil

think you are the pencil

that writes peoples guidance

and guides them through

places in the dark,

that they can’t see and need your light to walk through it

at the darkest times think that you are the person that have guided people though some of

the hardest times and will be that, developing and learning, nobody will be able to take that

success, that accomplishment and that thought away from you…

so just remember to…



Artwork by Jenna, Grade 8

Jenna | Marymount International School London


Artwork by Martina, Grade 7

Martina | Marymount International School London


Artwork by Zofia, Grade 7

Zosia | Marymount International School London


Artwork by Chrissy, Grade 7

Chrissy | Marymount International School London


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