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Online Engineering in Action Workshop

29 / 01 / 21 | NEWS

In the Engineering in Action workshop, several Grade 10 students met three different engineers; a soon-to-be-astronaut, a structural engineer, and a computer scientist.

They discussed a little bit about their profession and what their field of study is about. From learning the complex engineering behind space suits, to the effective combination of using steel and concrete to create functional buildings, to the wonders of Moore’s Law, this talk was very interesting, especially as we were able to ask questions to the engineers after each talk. While being an astronaut now sounds terrifying, the astrophysics and engineering in creating spacesuits and using radio waves to communicate to outer space was fascinating, especially the qualities it takes to be an astronaut. I particularly enjoyed learning about structural engineering which had been unknown to me as a field of study. It focusses on solving problems and how to make architectural designs come to life, which combines my interest in design and physics. Additionally, learning about how robotics and AI has grown and developed, while also shrinking from a building of computers to a single computer chip was astonishing.

I really liked how the presenters made it enjoyable and interactive while also teaching the more complicated content behind their work. For example, the engineer who talked about space and astronauts, gave us different mathematical problems to solve to find the speed of communication in space. What was most helpful was the Q&A part at the end, where they gave us many different book and podcast recommendations that connect to engineering in general or specific fields of study. The talk made me really consider the wonders of engineering and what fields of study would sound intriguing to study in the future. For anyone who would like to get into engineering, I would definitely recommend it as it can create new interests into particular areas, having sparked my interest into structural engineering, or even just give a new book or podcast recommendation.

By Emily, Grade 10

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