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Grade 8 Interdisciplinary Day Review

26 / 02 / 21 | NEWS

This interdisciplinary day was a fun and educational experience for Grade 8, despite being a little different than usual.

The day kicked off with an interactive call with the youngest person to ever complete the polar hat-trick (a three-tiered challenge that involves skiing around the North Pole, across Greenland’s largest icecap, and around the South Pole), Jade Hammeister. Students asked Jade questions varying from what tools she needed for her adventure, to what her favourite TV show is. Jade gave us her best advice that filled us with hope and inspiration, which we all agreed we needed in these challenging times. When asked what her most valuable advice to us would be, Jade replied, “Always chase your dreams, no matter how big they may seem”. These words were incredibly moving and put a whole new perspective on things.

We continued the day with a workshop with Marymount’s very own Chef James. Chef James gave us an insight into what a healthy breakfast looked like, and even showed us how to make our own overnight oats! He then moved on to tell us how important snacks were, and then gave us a tutorial on how to make our own healthy snack. Grade 8 left the session with a full stomach, two new recipes, and new-found knowledge of nutrition and food.

The next workshop was organised by some Grade 8 students, and led by Claudia Marchetti. Claudia showed us how to make a delicious lasagne, and the results were spectacular! Many of the Grade 8 students devoured their self-made lasagnes for lunch.

The last activity of the day was a call with Marymount alumnae, Jadad Garcia (Class of 2012). She told us all about starting a business, and how her upbringing and time at Marymount affected her and her values. Towards the end of the call, she told us a bit about her dad. Her dad is very involved in the last moments of peoples’ lives. One of the things that he said was that when people are dying, they don’t usually say, “I wish I had more money”, “I wish I bought more clothes”, or, “I wish I had worked harder and gotten that job”; they normally say, “I wish I had spent more time with the people I love.” Grade 8 students agreed that those few words spoke lengths and should be kept in mind going through life.

By Naomi, Grade 8

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