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Student Athlete Leadership Conference

26 / 02 / 21 | NEWS

Globetrottin’ ADs Student Athlete Leadership Conference was a unique, international event, focusing on empowering student athletes worldwide.

Student leaders from international schools around the globe created workshops to discuss topics ranging from female empowerment in sports to how to handle performance anxiety. The conference featured two incredible keynote speakers: Sebastien Bellin, a retired collegiate and professional player, and Greg Dale, the Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Program for Duke Athletics.

During the Conference, students were able to attend a range of student led sessions, in order to learn many inspirational stories from high-level competitive athletes. Additionally, students were able to understand the many aspects involved in sports, including leadership programs, dealing with competition anxiety, the transition from student athlete to coach and much, much more.

The conference was highly engaging and brought a lot of like-minded student athletes together. It provided an excellent opportunity for us to learn new tips and tricks; something that could be useful to implement into specific sports. Ultimately, each student came away with key knowledge regarding what it takes to become a good leader, not only in sport, but also in life.

By Aleksandra, Grade 10

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