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Grade 10’s great escape!

02 / 03 / 21 | NEWS

During the inter-disciplinary day on Thursday 25th February, Grade 10 students took part in a variety of escape rooms.

Split into four different groups, students attempted to escape from the following:

  • A Night at the Theatre (A performance that will be getting some terrible reviews. No cast, no crew, just you and your team trapped in a theatre. Solve the puzzles to escape!)
  • Cabin Fever (You wake up on a cruise ship as the only passengers. Solve the puzzles to make your way through the ship and get yourself back on dry land!)
  • The Missing (Four missing people have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. You and your team must find out what happened to them whilst avoiding suffering from the same fate!)
  • Lockdown Breakout (Locked in a ‘SharaBnB’ by a very paranoid host. You’re a key worker and desperate to get out of the house… one problem… you’re locked in!)

Starting at 13:30, the first group (Cabin Fever) escaped at 15:37, with the brilliant help of Mr Robertson. The second group (A Night at the Theatre), led by Dr Delin, escaped at 15:41, soon followed by Ms Cleveland’s group (Lockdown Breakout), who finished at 15:46. However it took a while for the fourth group (The Missing), led by Dr Forrest to finish, who ended up escaping at 16:16!

These virtual escape rooms provided the perfect opportunity to work alongside peers in a less formal environment. The team-bonding experience brought everyone closer, with lots of laughing, frights, and puzzlement along the way! I highly recommend this activity to everybody!

By Isabella, Grade 10

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