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The Ultimate School Trip

12 / 03 / 21 | NEWS

Last Friday, Grade 9 students joined students across the UK on a trip around the world visiting Australia, Italy, Japan and Iceland.

Each virtual trip lasted 2 to 2.5 hours and was hosted by experts and live streamed on YouTube. Some of the highlights were a river trip with an indigenous river guide, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, a tour of Pompeii with an archaeologist and an expert on the Vesuvius volcano, a cooking lesson with an Italian chef, a trip to some of the highlights of Japan, a visit to the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, a session with a glacier expert in Iceland, and expedition across the country using only foot and packraft!


Reflections on the trips

I was very fortunate enough to travel to Japan today. This country has always been a place I have had much curiosity towards and hoped to be able to visit someday. This virtual journey has certainly been a lovely introduction to Japan and it’s culture. My favourite part was without doubt learning about the Japanese cuisine, watching the chef cook sushi and seeing all the captivating ingredients. Over the first lockdown, I challenged myself by learning to cook sushi, hence, it was a really incredible opportunity to get to watch a professional Japanese chef. On that note, I also learnt that traditionally only men were/are allowed to be sushi chefs because of their hand. I was surprised to discover that Japan has three different alphabets, each with its own purpose. The photos/short videos in the first part really helped create a sense of what Japan was like, it’s geography, culture, heritage etc. Learning about the Olympics, that are going to take place in Japan, was also intriguing. I hadn’t realised how much planning and effort goes behind the scenes to ensure a great performance. I do however think that the tour could have been more interactive. I would love to do similar things in the future. Overall, it was enjoyable and interesting!

By Selma, Grade 9


Overall, in my opinion, this event was organised very well. With people living in Australia giving us insight into the country, making us feel like we were almost there. Despite the internet issues with one guide, everything ran smoothly. My favourite part was actually the small surfing workout we did, because it felt good to get moving a bit during quarantine. It would’ve been 100% better if we had been able to go in real life, but the online tour was great too and I’d love to go on a similar trip next time. I had already known that Australia was famous for their unique animals but it was fun hearing about the snakes and the spiders.

By Urim, Grade 9


One thing I enjoyed about this trip was that the man started to do a performance with traditional Italian masks. I really liked the masks, as I think it helps the audience to know more about Italy’s history in cultural performances. They also did a live cooking show, and I also really enjoyed that. Personally, as this trip was packed with lots of interesting aspects of Italy, if similar trips are organised in the future, I would go!

By Hyejoo, Grade 9

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