CERN Particle Physics Masterclass comes to Marymount - Marymount International School London

CERN Particle Physics Masterclass comes to Marymount

19 / 03 / 21 | NEWS

Cern | Marymount International School London

This week, our Physics students from Grades 10 and 11 attended a day-long online masterclass on particle Physics, delivered by CERN (the world’s largest particle physics laboratory) and the University of Birmingham, to experience for themselves the excitement of the latest research in the area. 

The day included talks from academic staff and young postgraduate researchers about particle Physics and the latest experiments, including the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, which is the biggest and most energetic particle accelerator ever built. Students also took part in computer-based particle identification, where they applied several techniques used by particle physics researchers in the field.

Topping up the day with Q&A sessions with experts and a live video conference to CERN, our students came out of this immersive and interactive masterclass with a broader, deeper, and stronger understanding of one of Physics’ most frontier areas of research.

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