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Grade 7 Retreat Review

19 / 03 / 21 | NEWS

The Grade 7 retreat was relaxing and a great time to chat and catch up with my friends. I liked our first activity in the Chapel. We filled out a sheet of paper which had two questions: what are you grateful for and what are you praying for? These questions helped me reflect on how lucky and fortunate we are to have a good education and people who care for us.

My favourite activity was making happiness jars. This was a great exercise for motivating yourself and developing a growth mindset. We got to decorate a jar and write on paper some positive quotes and happy words. Overall, I really liked the Retreat, and it was so good to see everyone again.

By Chrissy, Grade 7


On the 15th March, Grade 7 spent a day completing spiritual and fun activities. It was a little different this year, because we had to stay at school, rather than heading off to a retreat centre. We especially enjoyed meditating with Mrs Burke. It was extraordinarily calming when we spent time with our friends, coming up with creative ideas to draw on our happiness jars. The activity that we loved the most was writing our names on a piece of paper and writing affirmations about one another; this made us feel happy and loved.

By Lucia, Grade 7


On our Retreat, we did a lot of fun and collaborative activities. First, we went to the Chapel and listened to a short but special story about a cracked pot. It made us realize that there is always a good in the bad. After that, we wrote down the things we are grateful for and the things we wanted to pray for whilst listening to some calming music. We then went back to our advisor room and everyone received a ribbon. On each ribbon we wrote down a few things we wanted to pray for.

Another activity we did was full of kind thoughts and positive energy. We each made an affirmation poster with our name on it, and then we went around the room writing down nice comments for each other. The comments had deep meanings, were very heartfelt and amazing to read. It meant a lot knowing that people took the time to write down something nice on your poster. We then talked about our health of mind, body and spirit and discussed how we can keep all three of those things in balance. Then finally, we got out our yoga mats and got ready for a calming meditation –  it was so relaxing! Overall, we had a great time doing these fun and relaxing activities and I hope we can do it again sometime next year.

By Lente, Grade 7


Thank you Mrs Burke for organising such a lovely day!

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