Spirit Week & International Day 2021 - Marymount International School London

Spirit Week & International Day 2021

23 / 03 / 21 | NEWS

This year, Marymount’s annual Spirit Week celebrations were a little different, but still just as wonderful as ever.

As always, students put in insane amounts of effort to get their costumes just right, with themes including ‘fictional villain’, ‘decades day’, ‘ballroom’ and ‘TV/movie character’. Although we couldn’t always see everyone’s costumes as the grades are separated across campus, it was amazing to see the engagement that our classmates had with the themes, especially those who came in with elaborate homemade costumes and accessories. Spirit Week was also a very welcome break from the home school uniform of sweats and hoodies!

Of course, everybody’s favourite part of Spirit Week is Friday – International Day. Bright, warm weather and blue skies set the scene for a day full of colour, dance and music, with students all across campus admiring each other’s national dress, sharing memories and culture from their countries of origin and smiling for photos. The day began with lessons until lunch time, after which each Grade headed to their respective building to watch the performances from all ten groups. There were several countries that had never performed before, such as Poland, Kuwait and Argentina, and it was amazing to get to experience cultures that we may not have seen before. Although we couldn’t enjoy the legendary awful jokes cracked by the Student Council representatives and the thumping K-pop, J-pop and C-pop in person, we all laughed and danced along from our Advisor rooms, with many Grades bringing in home-cooked foods and snacks from their kitchens to share and enjoy while we watched. The performances from all over the world showcased their dancing and musical talents, held mukbangs with favourite snacks from home, created mouth-watering baking tutorials and told legendary stories. Cheers resounded across campus once each performance finished, even if the performers weren’t in the room. Performances over and food finished, students spilled outside to enjoy the sunny campus, filling up with spring flowers and green buds carefully planted by Mr Dickinson and Mr Hernandes. Although we were physically apart from one another this International Day, it was a beautiful display of unity and showed that we can persevere together.

By Sofia, Grade 11


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