Grade 12’s Last Day

30 / 04 / 21 | NEWS

Last Friday marked the final official day on campus for our Grade 12 students until their graduation events at the end of May.

Their final day was an example of the real unity of this class and the strength of the bonds created over the years is very evident. Their shared experiences and memories have bound them forever as Marymount girls. Much of those final days were spent reminiscing on their time in the lower grades and speaking of their journey through the years in school. This culminated in what was a beautiful and emotion-filled assembly. The school years are so important in a young person’s development; they are a period of significant growth, not just academically and physically, but holistically also. Schools provide a safe space to test ideas, try new things,  pursue ambitions, develop skills, and reflect on character, to name but a few. It doesn’t matter if you do not always succeed, as this is part of the growing process and we hope that celebrating Failure Fortnight has reinforced this message. As a school we are incredibly proud of the Grade 12 students, and they have demonstrated resilience and optimism in what has been an unprecedented IB Diploma journey. We know they will carry their Marymount experience with them and that they will make a hugely positive contribution in whatever path they choose.

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