Grade 8 Retreat - Marymount International School London

Grade 8 Retreat

21 / 05 / 21 | NEWS

“Joy and cheerfulness are contagious; they work like magic in attracting hearts.”

Mother Marie Joseph Butler RSHM


Last Thursday, Grade 8 ‘Paused for joy’ during the busy school week to gather for their annual retreat day. It was an opportunity to take a breath, focus on blessing and look to the future with hope. Activities included the opportunity to pray and reflect on friendships, celebrate each other’s talents, and learn new skills for leading a happy life with resilience to face challenges. It was a beautiful day that was filled with creative happiness jars, thoughtful prayer ribbons, affirmation posters filled with kindness, and a soothing meditation for the mind and soul.


“I believe our retreat day was a fantastic day to focus on ourselves and spend time not thinking about our schoolwork, as well as to spend time with friends. Creating the happy jar was probably my favourite activity since it allowed me to remember all of the wonderful memories I had with my friends and family.”



“I enjoyed creating the affirmation posters the most, because in making them, we were reminded of how we aren’t just classmates to each other; we are friends. I also enjoyed making our happiness jars, because it was really nice to unwind.”



“I relished spending time with my Grade and, more specifically, I enjoyed making my happiness jar (which I often use) as well as writing on everyone’s affirmation posters!”



“I really enjoyed making the happiness jars because it was relaxing. I found a lot of inspirational quotes while looking for ones to put in my jar.”



“I enjoyed spending time with my friends that are in other classes. It was a nice occasion to spend time reflecting on my well-being. “



“I really enjoyed the experience of the Grade 8 retreat, and it was a new and interesting way to learn more about my classmates and friends. One of the experiences I really appreciated was being able to spend the day with people in my Grade that I would not have otherwise spent the day with; reading their kind comments on the posters made my day so much better.”



“What I enjoyed the most about the retreat day was making the happiness jars because it was very relaxing and I got to do it with my friends; I also love the way my jar turned out!”



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