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Partnership with St. Joseph’s RSHM School, Chivuna

25 / 06 / 21 | NEWS

This term, we were delighted live out our Mission and collaborate with our partners, St. Joseph’s RSHM School, Chivuna.

Through Zoom, Marymount staff and student volunteers taught Maths, English, Physics and Chemistry to our sisters in Zambia. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the girls and share some of our resources with them. This was guided by Sr Deborah Jamali (RSHM), who lives in the Chivuna community, who shared their curriculum and ensured that we had the ability to connect with them every Wednesday and Thursday at 2pm. Sometimes, the WiFi was a little unpredictable, but we were proud to see our students adapt and adjust their teaching to the situation they were in. The sessions always ended with laughter from all those involved and a sense of achievement both from the girls who were working through the various exercises and the teachers and students at Marymount.

We also participated in a shared Book Club, facilitated by our amazing Librarian, Ms Openshaw, and the Student Goals Implementation Committee (SGIC) also shared ideas with the Justice, Peace, Integrity and Creation group in Zambia. The student leaders in Zambia spoke of the works of service they were currently engaged in and shared videos and photos of a school they are helping, in their neighbourhood. To help them with their fundraising for this primary school, the SGIC held an ice-cream sale this week and raised £111! Many thanks to the SGIC for organising this event and to those who bought the ice-creams.

We are greatly looking forward to collaborating again in the Autumn term, and hope that more students will get involved. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other, show care and compassion and live out our School Goals. If you would like to volunteer or help our school in Zambia or help in their fundraising efforts, please do contact Ms Langan on


Chemistry lesson with Vivien and Sakshi, Grade 11

Picture6 | Marymount International School London

English lesson with Mr Clarke and Diya, Grade 10

Picture5 | Marymount International School London


English lesson with Ms Mast teaching ‘Found Poetry’

Picture4 | Marymount International School London

Physics lessons with Mr Barroca, Sahana (Grade 12), Amelie and Emily (Grade 10)

Picture2 | Marymount International School London

Picture3 | Marymount International School London

Maths Lesson with Mr Ripp

Picture1 | Marymount International School London

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