Library - Marymount International School London


A love of ideas and reading is at the very heart of Marymount academic life.

The Library promotes this tradition by encouraging each student’s discovery of the world of books, by providing tools and training for research, and by serving as a vital hub for ongoing intellectual exploration. It is a welcoming space where students learn to be open-minded, independent readers and inquirers in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Collaborative lessons between teachers and the librarian allow students to learn information skills in a meaningful context and thus adopt them as a natural, intrinsic part of their studies.

Addressing the needs of the curriculum and the students’ future aspirations, and providing a wide range of titles and genres for recreational reading, the Library holds books in nine languages, receives over 40 print periodicals, and subscribes to trustworthy online sources such as JSTOR and Encyclopaedia Britannica, ensuring a wealth of reading level and age appropriate information is available.

Our Library thrives on student input and is therefore a living, evolving space, which aims to provide an inspiring resource to support the whole community in the goals of affirming personal growth and, ultimately, fostering the development of confident lifelong learners.

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