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Marymount London is moving full STEAM ahead!


Marymount is moving full STEAM ahead!

We are honoring the RSHM mission while adapting and adjusting to meet the needs of the girls and young women being empowered to make a difference in the world.  Our focus on science and our future emphasis on its symphony with math, art, engineering, and design thinking will be enhanced by our summer refurbishment for the expanding Middle School to better prepare our next generation of thinkers and leaders.

This new facility accompanied by the schools recently refurbished Fab Lab will allow the sort of inter-disciplinary creative digital space that a 21st century student needs. The journey of the STEAM approach to learning will begin in Grade 6 and carry throughout the rest of Middle School, with the mission to spark the student’s intellectual curiosity. Alongside their lessons, they will be given various opportunities to develop their own enthusiasm for STEAM, where students will continue to be encouraged to stretch their thinking, take thoughtful risks and embrace collaboration. This will be supported by project-based learning, inspiring guest speakers, incursions, and making use of all that London has to offer.

Students will continue to explore questions within their curriculum, but through the STEAM approach, they will begin to break down the walls between classrooms. By holding a “STEAM Day” at the end of each Semester, students will be able to combine all that they have learnt across their subjects and they will either embark on the challenge to tackle real-world problems, such as finding solutions to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals or get hands-on in discovering the newest developments within the STEAM world.

We are also thrilled to support “Girls Who Code”, where students are given the chance to meet regularly to build upon their computer science skills as they learn, plan, make and celebrate together to create a project that they care about.

It is an exciting time to be a Middle School Girl at Marymount, and both staff and students are looking forward to seeing what this new space has to offer!

“…there is data backing up the value of single-sex education for girls. According to a 2009 UCLA study, 45% of women who attended a single-sex school rate their public speaking skills as ‘above average.’ More than 60% think their writing skills are above average. According to 2005 research by Goodman Research Group, an educational research firm, graduates of all-girls schools are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology compared to girls who attend co-ed schools.”

Forbes (February 2019)

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