Marymount Girls in Motion Gala

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Sadly, we were unable to hold this event. All donors have now been contacted to let them know about Marymount’s Hardship Recovery Fund.

What is the Hardship Recovery Fund?
Families all over the world have been affected by the global economic crisis which has accompanied the COVID pandemic. For a number of families in our community, this crisis threatens to impact the education of their daughters. The Hardship Recovery Fund, set up by the School in April, will provide short- and medium-term financial assistance to students whose families in a position of needed support.   These girls, who are already part of the Marymount family and who are thriving at the School, will be able to continue their IB education through the generosity of those who contribute to the fund.

Why support the Hardship Recovery Fund?
Marymount students are part of our family: known and loved for the gifts they bring to the world. Faculty and students work together to build a community that celebrates learning, diversity, and faith. Marymount girls also bring a unique perspective to every country they call home. Today’s Marymount girls are tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. They take a global and empathic approach to problem-solving as MYP and DP students. The Hardship Recovery Fund will allow our budding leaders to continue their unique Marymount education.

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