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About the Society

The Marymount Society, London

Mission and purpose

To keep Marymount in the hearts of all who have passed through its campus.

How does it work?

Run by the school, this group of Alumnae, past parents, past staff, past Governors, the Sunday Community and all friends of the School can remain involved in Marymount events and initiatives. It is separate from the Parents’ Association, open to current parents, and Student Leadership, and works together with them to support the School. The group exists to support the three pillars of the Marymount community.

  1. Social and Spiritual: reflecting on spiritual wellbeing whilst staying in touch and sharing memories of your time here.
  2. Professional: meeting new people in a professional setting to expand your network, as well as helping current students and young alumnae start their careers.
  3. Philanthropic: staying in touch with the School today and offering help, whether by sharing time, treasure or talent.

Who can be a member?

If you are a past parent, you will automatically be members for three years after you ‘leave’. Once three years have elapsed, you will be asked whether you wish to stay in touch – don’t forget to let us know!

If you are an alumna, a past member of staff, a past Governor, a member of the Sunday Community or a friend of the School, you will automatically be lifetime members. You can choose to “opt out” or re-join at any time.

What can I look forward to?

You will be:

  • Posted the community magazine, Marymount Matters, every December and July.
  • Sent invitations to relevant School events, both virtual and in-person, such as our lunchtime lecture series, reunions, networking events, as well as streamed School liturgies and Masses.
  • Able to participate in an annual “Future of Marymount” event to catch up on what’s happening at Marymount today.
  • Invited to join Marymount’s social networks, including our new Facebook group, to share memories and photos.

How to get involved

Update your details on the school website;

If you like, join the Daily Prayer community to enjoy daily reflection and peace;

Contact the Development Office on devoffice@marymountlondon.com to be part of the Society mailing list.



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