Marymount is Proudly IB!

Marymount London is honoured to be recognised by as a leading school ranked in the Top 50 globally (out of more than over 4,700 schools) and in the Top 20 in the UK (placing us in the Top 5 of all-girls’ schools).

This is a truly great achievement and a wonderful endorsement of the dedication, expertise and passion of our teaching faculty and the endeavour of our incredible Marymount students.

Marymount is a small, independent Catholic day and boarding school for girls aged 11 to 18, fully committed to the academic, emotional, spiritual, and social development of its students.

Proudly Marymount

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Proudly MYP

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Proudly IB

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The IB
International Mindedness

A genuine IB school from start to finish. Achieving superb results and outstanding college placements.

The IB Global IB League Table

We are connected to 18 other Marymount Schools by our Global Network, exchanging and celebrating with other students and teachers in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Rome, Paris, Portugal, Colombia, and Brazil.

International Mindedness
Top 10

percent of schools globally


point average


percent pass rate

42 nationalities represented by our students

13 mother tongue languages are supported

40% of graduates receive a billingual diploma

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30 Apr 2021

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