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Entrance Assessment

At Marymount we are committed to an assessment process that uncovers the unique gifts and talents of every girl who applies.

Grade 6 entry

Our Grade 6, which is the equivalent to the UK’s Year 7 is a wonderful year for new students to join us. We believe that high-stakes, exam-style assessments are not always the best approach to uncovering an 11 year old’s future potential. To support this we have designed our unique Grade 6 Assessment Day, as an enjoyable and enriching experience for our prospective students.


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Through our holistic but rigorous approach we ensure a high-quality and student-centred experience. We work collaboratively with parents and only offer places to those girls for whom we believe Marymount International School London is the right environment to flourish.

For September 2024 entry, we recommend you start an application as soon as possible.


Our experienced and friendly Admissions Team will be happy to support you through this process. Please contact them at: admissions@marymountlondon.com


Grade 7 to Grade 10 entry

We offer a rolling admissions process. For applications for Grade 7 to Grade 10 we offer a similar process to those entering Grade 6, but, on an individual basis.

With all admissions we require references from a prospective student’s current teachers and Headteacher; an assessment; an interview and other pieces of work.

If you wish to learn more please contact our Admissions Team.


Grade 11 and Grade 12 entry – The IBDP

Students wishing to undertake the IBDP are assessed for entry into the Grade 11 year of the two year programme. The rigorous nature of the programme means that our assessment criteria for offers of place are considered very closely.

Students wishing to join us in Grade 12 are assessed on a case-by-case basis and provided we are able to offer the timetable structure they have already begun with. Please do contact our Admissions Team with any and all queries you may have.

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