Pastoral Care - Marymount International School London

Pastoral Care

At Marymount who we are teaching is as important as what we are teaching.  

We nurture and celebrate each individual and foster an awareness and appreciation of the unique needs and gifts of others. Our community is purposefully small; a positive relationship among all community members is at the heart of all we do. The social-emotional development of our girls—attention to her sense of self, her personality, her relationships—guides our pastoral care.

All faculty and staff share a pastoral responsibility to know and appreciate each girl as an individual. From our Headmistress to Heads of Grade, Boarding House Parents, Academic staff, Spiritual Life Director and Nurse, supported by the domestic and administrative team, each is committed to getting to know and care for the girls on a very personal level. Importantly, advisors and subject teachers partner closely with parents to ensure that their daughters are successful, happy, and thriving.

“Teachers are encouraging, not just in the sense of academics but also life lessons.”


Girls belong to one of our four Houses which allows them to meet and interact with other year groups. Charitable events, sporting competitions and school activities are organised to add variety and foster a sense of joy to our campus life. During our weekly Assembly, girls are given an important voice and are provided many leadership opportunities to address the School on a wide range of topics in informative and creative ways.

We live our Mission “that all may have life” and pride ourselves in providing a nurturing environment where each girl’s unique needs are fully met.

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