Pastoral Care - Marymount International School London

Wellbeing and Pastoral Life

At Marymount who we are teaching is as important as what we are teaching.  

We understand that each student’s happiness and wellbeing are instrumental to their academic and individual success and that each person should be known and loved in order to flourish. Inspired by our RSHM heritage, we seek that “all may have life” and focus on tailoring our pastoral care to shepherding each student to be what they aspire to be under the careful guidance of experts dedicated to an international all-girls education.  

“Teachers are encouraging, not just in the sense of academics but also life lessons.”


We nurture and celebrate each individual, fostering an awareness and appreciation of each  student’s unique needs and gifts. Our community is purposefully small; a positive relationship among all community members is at the heart of all we do. The social-emotional development of our girls enables care of self, an understanding of their own individuality, fostering resilience and empathy whilst becoming confident and principled.  Respect governs relationships where diversity is celebrated and valued.  

Pastoral Support

Advisor Groups: All faculty and staff share a pastoral responsibility to know and appreciate each student, to ensure they are known and cared for. Small Advisor groups enable careful guidance from a dedicated Faculty member. This time allows for the development of emotional skills, study skills, forging friendships, and a safe space for fruitful discussion as each student journeys through school. Heads of Year construct an age-appropriate curriculum for Advisors to use as a guide for discussions and activities throughout the year to support students’ social and emotional learning and development. All students are provided with a ‘Wellbeing Booklet’ which offers tips, resources and useful contacts to ensure students can access information easily should they have any worries or concerns

Health and Wellbeing

Counselling: A dedicated counsellor offers a confidential support service for students three days a week on campus. 

Health: We have a full-time School Nurse who students can visit should they have any medical concerns during the school day. Boarders are also registered with the local GP surgery for all their medical needs. The School is in close proximity to Kingston Hospital in the event of an accident or emergency. 

Spiritual Life Director: Our Spiritual Life Director helps provide opportunities for all the girls to develop their own spirituality, to find time for reflection and prayer, and is available to support all students regardless of faith or if they have no faith. 

Safeguarding: Each staff member is responsible for safeguarding. Students can report any worries or concerns to their teacher or Advisor or Head of Year. They can also report to the Safeguarding team who will work to support and care for each student. 

Each teacher is committed to getting to know and care for the girls. Importantly, Advisors and subject teachers partner closely with parents to ensure that their daughters are successful, happy, and thriving. 


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