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At Marymount, we offer means tested bursaries to our families. These are available upon application.


Our Business Office manages the bursary provision. Please refer to the Bursary Policy, and the Frequently Asked Questions below. Our Admissions team will be happy to refer you to the Business Office for further information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will it affect my child’s application to the school?

The school offers placements to children solely based on academic merit and their potential to benefit from the numerous opportunities, teaching, and learning experiences provided by the school. The bursary application process is entirely separate and does not impact the outcome of your child’s entrance assessment.

How can the School ensure my child will not be treated differently from other students?

Submitting a bursary support application will have no bearing on how your child is tested or how their performance is evaluated. Once a placement offer is extended, only specific senior staff members and those directly involved in the child’s bursary application will be aware of the bursary details, and this information is handled with utmost discretion. Bursary officers are also available to provide support, serving as the primary point of contact for bursary students and their parents to address any inquiries or concerns. We are dedicated to ensuring that every child, regardless of their financial circumstances, fully integrates into school life to benefit from the school’s opportunities.

How long does an application take?

The processing time for your application depends on the complexity of your financial situation. Providing comprehensive information and documentation simplifies the assessment process, ensuring fairness and accuracy. Please review your form to ensure completeness and accuracy. After submitting your form, you will be prompted to upload supporting documentation. Please note that if you provide false or inaccurate information resulting in your child receiving a bursary, the school may have the right to reclaim that amount in accordance with the bursary terms and conditions.

Do I have to complete the form in one sitting?

The form is detailed, and we recognize that it may take some time to complete. We have designed it so that you can fill it out in stages. You can save the form and work on it over an extended period. However, it is crucial to submit the completed form by the specified deadline.

What if we cannot provide all the supporting documentation by the deadline?

To facilitate a fair assessment and allocation of bursaries, we request that all families submit all supporting documents when they initially submit their form. If providing all documentation by the deadline is not feasible, kindly contact us via email to explain which documents are missing and provide an estimated submission date.

When will I be assessed?

The bursary assessment is conducted concurrently with, but independently of, the entrance process. If your child does not advance through our entrance process and is not invited for an interview, your bursary application will not proceed further.

When will we find out if we qualify for a bursary award?

Upon receiving a completed application form and all necessary supporting documentation, you will receive written notification of the bursary assessment outcome simultaneously with a placement offer.

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