Spiritual Life - Marymount International School London

Spiritual Life

We take joyful pride in our Catholic mission and identity. We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and actively seek out God’s abundant love in the people and graces of our daily lives. We recognise the strength we draw from students of all faith traditions.

Marymount London is proud to welcome students and staff of any religious affiliation into our school community. We help to empower each student to understand, live, and bear witness to her own faith in a respectful awareness of others’ beliefs. Students are offered a variety of opportunities to foster a personal relationship with God and deep their spiritual life.

“That all may have life”.

Each Grade has an annual retreat; Mass is celebrated on a weekly basis; and students take an active part in the prayer life of the school through assemblies, daily reflections in class, and the celebration of important feast days and festivals. Students who wish to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church can follow a course of preparation at school and celebrate this special occasion with the school community.

“I have always thought myself to be a caring and kind person to everyone. I consistently respect everyone, even if they have a different opinion that I do.”


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