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The Marymount campus is situated in Kingston upon Thames, just 4 miles from Wimbledon which is a major public transport hub into the centre of London and the surrounding areas, including Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Marymount London’s School Transport covers a broad geographic area with an aim for route to take no longer than one hour. Our routes are re-evaluated each year as the School seeks to best serve the needs of its current and new families. To that end, please review the information below, provide your family’s specific details, and complete the School Transport Registration Form to register. Based on the information gathered, routes will be established, and families will be notified in the end of August with specifics, including collection points and times, vehicle type and driver’s route/contact information. Marymount operates a fleet of branded School owned minibuses, and contracts a number of routes to Thames Valley Transport Services (TVTS) using unbranded vehicles.


General Service Areas and Fee

Prepaid Daily Service

Includes morning collection and afternoon 4.10pm drop off.

Fee per academic year

Zone 1 Kingston; New Malden; Norbiton  (£1,960)
Zone 2 Surbiton (£2,550); Wimbledon St (£2,780); Wimbledon Park (£3,030); Putney Hill (£2,900); Putney Bridge (£3,360)
Zone 3 Fulham (£3,500); Twickenham(£3,610); Barnes(£3,680); Richmond (£3,720); Sheen (£3,720); Kew (£3,900); King’s Rd (£4,080); Balham (£4,130); Battersea (£4,130); Clapham £4,130)
Zone 4 Chelsea; Kensington; Knightsbridge; Nine Elms (£4,570)
Zone 5 Cobham (£4,880)


Prepaid Late Service – Fee per academic year (£1,270)

This is an additional service which will be charged separately. Departing from Marymount at 6.10pm. Students enrolled in late transport have the option of afternoon (4.10pm) or late service (6.10pm).


Ad-hoc service

Occasional, not regular, not pre-paid service which is subject to availability and is limited by pre-planned transport routes.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Morning collection is generally between 7:00 and 7:30 am depending on route and distance from School. Afternoon Transport service departing at 4:10 pm. Late transport departing at 6:10 pm for students participating in after school activities. There is an additional cost for the late service option £1,270 which will be charged separately.  Please note that students enrolled in late transport have the option of afternoon or evening service.
  • Girls are expected to be at their stop five minutes before the displayed departure time to allow for variation in traffic conditions. The driver will be permitted to only wait two to three minutes past a scheduled collection time in order to not delay other students. Due to the unpredictable nature of traffic, it is possible that the driver may arrive early or be a few minutes late.
  • Students are required to wear seat belts.
  • The bus drivers will report any behaviour that causes concern to the school. Three written warnings for bad behaviour will result in exclusion from the bus service.
  • All School transport drivers have undergone an Enhanced DBS Check and meet periodically with the Bursar. Drivers are assigned and remain connected to specific routes throughout the academic year.
  • Marymount branded School owned minibuses are equipped with CCTV.
  • Contact numbers will be provided so that the transport company/driver can be informed directly in the event a student is ill or will not require transport.
  • Refunds will not be granted for occasions when a student does not utilize the transport due to school absence or late arrival.
  • In the event of severe weather conditions which might make the journey hazardous, the School reserves the right to adjust or cancel transport service; families will be contacted as soon as a final decision has been made.
  • School Transport is charged annually at the end of the first term (December) based on distance of a roundtrip service on all school days. Changes are made as and when required and may occur during term time. A notice period of a half-term must be given in order to discontinue service.
  • The driver of the vehicle is not authorised to make changes to the route or pick up additional girls without the authorisation of the Business Office. Any such requests need to be made to the Business Office during normal School hours.
  • Occasional use of the service is subject to availability where space allows only per authorisation of the Business Office.
  • The school uses tracking system to provide live data to parents and the school. It shares real-time information about the School Transport between drivers, passengers, and their parents. The details provided on School Transport Registration form will be shared with third party providing the system. Notifications regarding the transport will be sent to pupils and their parents. The school’s policy and GDPR are in place to protect pupils and their parents’ data.
  • Transport Coordinator: School Transport is organised through Marymount’s Business Office. Please contact Ms. Viera Hromadova, Assistant Accountant, ( or ext. 253) with any questions related to routes, changes to service, invoicing, or special arrangements.


Additional Transport Options

Where it is not feasible for the school to offer transport, Marymount students also utilise other means of transportation outside of the School’s Transport Program outlined above. Additional options for families to consider include:

  • Carpooling with other Marymount families
  • Local bus and train transport: Marymount is ideally located within walking distance (< 15 minutes) to several convenient bus lines (#57, 85, K2, K3) as well as Norbiton and New Malden Stations (< 20 minutes by foot).
  • Privately organised transport service: In the event that Marymount’s School Transport Program does not extend to a desired geographic area, some families choose to arrange service directly through a private company. While there are many from which to choose, the School uses the following companies: Dynamic Cars (013 7261 3001); Zedcarz (020 8949 5555), Top Cars (0208 546 8888), and Premier Cars (020 8274 9000).

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