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Boarding at Marymount

Girls choose Marymount International School London because they are looking for a boarding school where they can live in a vibrant community with girls from over the world, discover new experiences and manage the demands of a rigorous academic program in a community that provides structure, motivation and support. But that’s not all…

As a small, inclusive school community, we pride ourselves on giving each student a place where she can feel at home. Whether our girls choose to be a part of our full-time boarding school, weekly boarding school, flexi-boarding school or day school, the lines between our day and boarding students are nearly invisible as all share a full academic day, enriching activities and an opportunity to grow in their understanding of themselves and others in the richness of greater London.

“I love the boarding community as it teaches young women to become independent and hard-working whilst creating a family-like atmosphere around us all.”


The People

Students, faculty, and staff at Marymount are bright and welcoming – and you get to know them incredibly well. In Boarding, you will make lifelong friends linked by a strong bond. Our five-day, seven-day, and flexi-boarders seamlessly move throughout our residence halls, all contributing their unique gifts to the community.

Full-time, Flexi, Weekly Boarding or Day School.

At Marymount International School London, we understand that every student is different, and therefore every student should have a say in how they wish to attend our school. We accommodate everyone, whilst still providing fantastic extra-curricular activities for every student no matter which boarding status you have.

Boarding Opportunities

Academics, clubs, sports, arts and trips: Marymount girls can explore all the opportunities that interest them in a community that introduces them to people from around the world. Mentoring and leadership experiences are readily available for boarders. Every year The Boarding Council selects leaders who organise activities and work with the school administration to ensure that the girls’ voices are heard.

The Location

Nowhere else do you get a traditional boarding experience this close to one of the greatest cities in the world? London is only 20 minutes away and easily accessible by public transport, whether it’s by train, our nearest station being Norbition Station on Coombe Road, which is only a 20-minute walk. Or a bus from one of many close bus stops, such as Traps Lane a 5-minute walk from Marymount International School London.

With our location being so close to London our day and boarding students can experience London’s rich culture such as Museums, shows, historic sites, amazing international cuisine, parks and gardens and shopping are all within reach. We are also quite near Richmond Park, Wimbledon and Heathrow Airport.

Boarding FAQs

What do boarding schools do on weekends?

At Marymount, we create a home-away-from-home experience. Boarders may go on a variety of excursions during the day to experience London, to the trampoline park or swimming, to name a few examples. Over long weekends, our Boarding staff will provide options for weekends away. Whether to experience Cambridge to learn more about the offer of tertiary education or on leisure trips to Europe to see other cities, the opportunities are endless.

What do boarding schools do in the evening?

We have a range of activities our students may participate in. There is a Tuesday knitting circle, board games or movies available. During times of cultural significance, our boarders will learn from each other about these special times in the calendar and share culturally specific food.

Are you allowed phones in boarding school?

We do allow phones in boarding. Our younger students are required to hand over their phones before bedtime in the evenings. We appreciate how tempting having your phone with you can be, but the key to healthy learning is plenty of quality sleep.

What is a full boarding school?

A full boarding school is a type of school where students live on campus during the school year. This means that students eat, sleep, attend campus classes, and do not go home on the weekends or during school breaks. Full boarding schools typically offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, sports, and other programs to keep students engaged and occupied when they are not in class. These schools may also offer academic support and other services to help students succeed.

What is a weekly-boarding school?

A weekly-boarding school is a type of boarding school where students live on campus during the week and go home on the weekends. This allows students to experience the benefits of living at a boarding school, such as access to extracurricular activities and academic support, while still spending time at home with their families. Weekly-boarding schools may also offer a range of activities and programs for students to participate in on the weekends, such as sports teams, clubs, and community service projects. Some weekly-boarding schools may also offer the option for students to stay on campus during the weekends if they prefer.

Where do boarding school students live?

Boarding school students live on campus, in residence halls or dormitories. These are typically shared spaces, where students have their own beds and study areas, but share common spaces such as bathrooms and lounges with other students. Boarding school students are typically supervised by residential staff, who live on campus and are responsible for their well-being and safety. In some cases, students may also have a resident advisor or mentor who provides support and guidance.

What should I bring to boarding school?

Seasonal casual clothing is definitely a must. We also require you to bring an outfit that is more formal in nature for mass on Sundays. We provide bedding on request but also encourage our students to bring their own for a personalised feeling to their rooms. Your own toiletries and décor are also important, but, with Kingston so close, anything forgotten at home can be easily purchased outside of school

What are boarding expenses?

We provide all meals for our boarders including dinner and a late evening snack. Your mobile phone package, any local transport and any additional items you require are for your account.

How does my child prepare for boarding school?

If your child is planning to attend a boarding school, there are several things they can do to prepare. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Talk to your child about what to expect at boarding school, and help them understand why you have chosen this option for their education.
  2. Encourage your child to ask questions and express any concerns they may have.
  3. Help your child get organized and prepared for the move to boarding school, including packing their belongings and making any necessary arrangements for transportation.
  4. Encourage your child to be independent and self-sufficient, as they will need to manage their own schedule and responsibilities at boarding school.
  5. Consider having your child visit the boarding school before they start, so they can get a feel for the campus and meet some of the other students.
  6. Talk to your child about how you will stay in touch and stay involved in their life at boarding school, and make sure they know how to reach you if they need to.

If my child is an International student, will they need a visa?

Full-boarding students who do not hold a British passport, and who will be attending Marymount for a period of more than six months, will require a child student visa. After being admitted into the school, parents will be invoiced for one year’s tuition and boarding fees in advance. Upon receipt of payment, students will be issued with a CAS and can use this to apply for their visa. Please be aware that Marymount can only sponsor visas for full-boarding students.

Can my child be given pocket money?

With regards to money, our students may have up to £50 per week. Parents send money to the school, via transfer, and Boarding keeps it for them. Students may pick this money up during set times, twice a week. Should our students need any more, their parents are to provide us with permission to ‘draw’ this out. Our older students use bank cards with parent restrictions and monitoring, such as “go-henry” etc.

How can I contact my daughter?

If you need to speak with your daughter during the school day, you should telephone the Main Switchboard at 0208 949 0571
or email the School Secretary or Reception at
or Boarders can be contacted via their own mobiles during after-school and weekend hours; please note – younger grades will have restricted access to their devices in the evening.

How do I make contact with the school as a Parent or Guardian?

As a parent or guardian you will be given the email address of the Head of Boarding and her direct dial number should you have a query regarding your daughter’s care in the Boarding House. Should the concern be more of an academic nature, the student’s Advisor or Head of Year are the first points of contact and can be reached either by calling the main switchboard or emailing them direct.

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