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School Fees

Annual Schedule of Fees 2024-25

Registration and Deposit

Application Fee
Payable on submission of a completed online application
Acceptance Fee
Non-refundable fee deposit paid upon acceptance of Offer of Admission
(Proportional payment for those in Flexi-Boarding)
Refundable Deposit
To be refunded under the conditions outlined in the School's Terms and Conditions

Tuition and Boarding

Tuition (£)Boarding (£)Total (£)
Day Student31,320N/A31,320
Weekly Boarding Student 31,32019,44050,760
Full Boarding Student31,32021,69053,010

Flexi-Boarding Student

Nights per weekTuition (£)Boarding (£)Total (£)
1 night31,3204,37535,695
2 consecutive nights31,3208,75040,070
3 consecutive nights31,32013,12544,445


Fees include full IB tuition, classroom textbooks, laboratory fees, most classroom materials, key educational trips, lunch, English as a Second Language (ESL) and learning resources.

Sibling Discount

We offer a discount of 10% off the annual fees of your younger daughter when sisters are attending together.


Fees include room and board, as well as most weekend boarding activities.

Pre-paid Flexi-Boarding    

Flexible boarding – students may stay between one of three regular consecutive nights each week, fixing their nights at the beginning of the academic year.

Ad-hoc Boarding – £125 per night

Ad-hoc boarding occurs at short-notice, is not pre-paid and is subject to availability.

Parents’ Association – £75 per student

The Marymount Parents’ Association (PA) exists to engage the parent body, encourage a sense of community, and promote philanthropy amongst parents to further the aims of Marymount International School London. The fee helps the PA host key events including the Summer BBQ at the beginning of the school year, as well as support students with initiatives such as ice cream on Grade 12 Celebration Day.



Payments may be made by bank draft, cheque payable to Marymount International School, or bank transfer. Cash payments are not permitted. Please contact the School for more information.


Fees are due in full by Saturday, 1 June 2024. Alternatively, Marymount will accept payment of 60% of the total amount due by Saturday, 1 June 2024 and 40% by Sunday, 1 December 2024.

It is advisable to settle 2024/25 fees on the agreed timings in case there is a mid-year change in legislation. If you would like to pay by direct debit to ensure your fees are settled in full, please use the link below and select Summer Term Only and the amount you want to process

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A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), as required by the UK Visa & Immigration authority (UKVI), must be issued to all non UK students. The School supports CAS applications for full boarding students only. The School must be in receipt of  100% of the fees before submission of a CAS application. For students accepted after 1st June 2024, payment is due upon presentation of the invoice.  Students will not be admitted to School until payments have been received. A surcharge of 1.5% per calendar month (or part of a month) will be levied monthly (APR 19.56%) should fees be outstanding after the due date(s).




Please Note:


School affairs are organised on an annual basis and it is not possible to reduce the amount of fees or obtain a refund of fees by withdrawing a student part way through the year. To withdraw a student from School without penalty, notice must be made in writing prior to the first day of the final term of attendance. Please refer to Section 5 of the Parent Contract for complete details regarding notice requirement and applicable penalties should notice be given after this date.


Marymount does not wish financial considerations to deter any prospective student from applying for admission. A full or partial bursary may be awarded based on need and the student’s potential to benefit. Application forms are available on request from the Bursar’s Office; application should be made as soon as possible as bursary funds are limited.


Marymount’s School Transport service covers a broad geographic area. Round trip routes are re-evaluated each year to best serve the needs of its current and new families. Fees vary according to distance and demand.

Additional information can be obtained from the School’s Transport Coordinator.


Private tuition may be arranged by the School on request to the Deputy Head. However, the contract will be with the Tutor concerned, who will establish the conditions. Payments must be made directly to the Tutor.


Costs for the IB Diploma Programme and other public examination fees, educational and enrichment field trips, some books, taxis, educational tours, etc. will be billed separately in December 2024, April 2025 and July 2025 and are due on presentation of the invoice.

Parents are advised of costs prior to the trip. Boarding and Day student parents are asked to give permission at the beginning of the school year for all trips under £100; permission for any trip over £100 is required.


(for Seniors graduating in June 2025)

The Graduation Fee covers the cost of Graduation events held at the School. IB examination costs and the optional Graduation Ball are not included. Disbursements for graduands should be settled in advance of graduation.

A student will not be permitted to attend School unless all fees have been received by the due date. There will be no refund of tuition or other fees, either in whole or in part, in the event of any absence, withdrawal or dismissal. School records, Diploma or scholastic credit will not be released until all financial commitments to the School have been met.

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