International Boarding School for Girls | Marymount London

Boarding at Marymount

 Many girls choose Marymount London because they are looking for a boarding school where they can live in a vibrant community with girls from over the world, discover new experiences, and manage the demands of a rigorous academic program in a community that provides structure, motivation, and support. But that’s not all…

As a small, inclusive school community, we pride ourselves on giving each girl a place where she can feel at home. Happily, the lines between our day and boarding students are nearly invisible as all the girls share a full academic day, enriching activities, and an opportunity to grow in their understanding of themselves and others in the richness of greater London.

“I love the boarding community as it teaches young women to become independent and hard-working whilst creating a family-like atmosphere around us all.”


The People

Students, faculty, and staff at Marymount are bright and welcoming – and you get to know them incredibly well. In Boarding, you will make lifelong friends linked by a strong bond. Our five day, seven day, and flexi-boarders seamlessly move throughout our residence halls, all contributing their unique gifts to the community.

The Opportunities

Academics, clubs, sports, arts, trips: Marymount girls can explore all the opportunities that interest them in a community that introduces them to people from around the world. Mentoring and leadership experiences are readily available for boarders. Every year The Boarding Council selects leaders who organise activities and work with the school administration to ensure that the girls’ voices are heard.

The Location

Nowhere else do you get a traditional boarding experience this close to one of the greatest cities in the world. London is only 20 minutes away and easily accessible by public transport. Museums, shows, historic sites, amazing international cuisine, parks and gardens and shopping are all within reach. We are also quite near Richmond Park, Wimbledon, and Heathrow Airport.

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