President of the Student Council welcomes families to the new academic year - Marymount International School London

President of the Student Council welcomes families to the new academic year

21 / 09 / 23 | NEWS

Good afternoon. My name is Samaira, most people call me Sam, and I am the Student Council President. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome all of you to a new academic year here at Marymount! I hope you all had an enjoyable summer.

I would like to especially welcome those families who have just joined our wonderful Marymount community.

Just over two years ago, I moved across the world to London. I remember being in this same hall as a new student, watching the previous Student Council President speak. She spoke so eloquently while also providing reassurance to the new families. As someone who had moved continents and schooling systems (I went from the IGCSE to the MYP), I was understandably anxious about the unknowns ahead of me.

Yet, as I look back, I now see that she epitomises the type of young woman Marymount cultivates. Our school is unlike any other I have attended. The atmosphere here is such that students are encouraged to engage in new activities, make long-lasting friendships, and indulge in the wonders of such a holistic schooling experience. So to all new parents, rest easy; I can assure you that your daughters will find their place here and grow into the most excellent version of themselves.

As I previously said, establishing life-long relationships is crucial to the Marymount experience. Small class sizes are a complement to building solid relationships with peers. These friendships often extend beyond the classroom and are genuinely one of a kind. I’m sure returning students will remember our famous saying: ‘Once a Marymount girl, always a Marymount girl.’ It truly encapsulates the true sense of family in our community. Regardless of how long your time at Marymount might be, this family can be relied on.

Additionally, I think that we, as students, owe a part of our successes to the teachers. Our teachers are incredibly dedicated to fulfilling the Marymount goal: To instil a lifelong love of learning. The plethora of resources available to us and the support of our outstanding teachers enables us to explore our passions truly and is a driving force to our success in the MYP and, eventually, the Diploma Programme.

Further, our school spirit is unmatched. Our powerful enthusiasm, paired with the immense talent we have within our student body, motivates us to uphold our annual traditions.

Our school production is one of the many highlights of the academic year; the sold-out shows every night truly exemplify how talented our community is. Sports are yet another crucial aspect of our school spirit: whether it be students coming together across grade groups to participate in the same sports team or the friendly competition between our Marymount house groups, these events only further the camaraderie among students.

A significant event of the school year is International Day. It is a time representative of the diversity within our campus, and it asserts one of our school goals: achieving unity through diversity, as we join one another in a day of celebration dedicated to one of the IB profiles: being Internationally minded.

To be honest, I’m not sure my words can truly encapsulate the magnetism of our community. It goes beyond the small class sizes, events, or our wonderful campus. At its core, our school enables us to grow as learners, individuals, and global citizens. I am pleased to share such a special experience with you all in what I know will be an amazing year. Thank you.

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