Open Day Speech by Grade 6 Ayla - Marymount International School London

Open Day Speech by Grade 6 Ayla

02 / 10 / 23 | NEWS

On Saturday, 23 September we held the first of our two Open Days for the Year. Ayla, one of our new Grade 6s stood up in front of an Auditorium full of prospective families and delivered the below speech with flair and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing this with our community, Ayla!

Open Day Speech – Ayla (Grade 6)

This time last year, it was assessment term, and I was going from one school to the other, filling out exam papers. It was nerve-wracking, but entering Marymount was different. When I saw the teachers’ smiles and heard the peaceful birds chirping outside, the nervous voices in my head calmed down, and everything went smoothly, from the actual assessment to the team-building activities and interview.

Coming back from my ski trip in February, my parents sat me down on the plane to take me through all my exam results; when I got the offer to go to Marymount, I didn’t care to hear the rest. I think the whole plane heard my shrieks of delight! It was real. It was happening.

With every visit to Marymount, my impression of the school kept getting better and better. Up-day and the barbeque (two events which happen before the school year) are filled with so many fun activities and delicious food, that we got so carried away that we even lost my brother’s shoes! It broke all nervous barriers between classmates and made me feel so welcome.

The first few weeks of school were amazing. Every day I wake up ready and excited to go. I have felt so cared for, and everything is given a lot of attention too, even the smallest details. The creative curriculum is so wide and inclusive, it is filled with lots of knowledge too.

When people ask me what my favourite subject is, I say, “All of them!” I am now more open-minded than I have ever been before.

Next week, Middle School are going to PGL, and I cannot wait to have bonding time with my Grade and make unforgettable new memories. I am now proud and ready to call myself a Marymount girl and I hope you will be able to call yourself that too. Thank you for listening, and have a great rest of your day.

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