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Why support Marymount?

Supporting Marymount means supporting caring, capable, courageous young women who can change the world. Unlike some older schools, Marymount has no form of endowment, meaning that we are entirely reliant on income from fees and philanthropy. Every building on campus has benefitted from some form of philanthropic support from the Marymount community. Each generation of Marymount families has “paid it forward” for the generations to come.

We believe education has the power to change not only individuals’ lives, but the world. Marymount girls use their gifts and talents in every field of work, whether international relations, research, finance, healthcare or any industry of their choosing. Their dedication to the service of others, instilled at Marymount throughout the IB, defines their experience at the school and is carried with them throughout their lives. By supporting Marymount, your gift will inspire kind and curious leaders.

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Supporting Partnerships: nurturing caring, capable, courageous young women

Regardless of their Grade, students take part in service at Marymount. It is woven into the very fabric of the curriculum: Grade 11 and 12 students participate through the CAS programme (Creativity, Activity & Service), and in the Middle Years Programme there is Service as Action.

Opportunities for students to participate in service include Saturday School with a local partner school (St Joseph’s) and our Zambian sister school peer tutoring programme. Giving to Marymount means supporting the expansion of student service partnerships into different areas of need, both local and global. This ensures that, when Marymount students graduate, they are aware of how they can and must make a positive impact on the world around them.

Supporting Bursaries at Marymount

Father Gailhac, the founder of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, spent his life working to support women and children, securing for them a bright, independent future. Following his example, and that of the Religious Order he founded, Marymount believes that a family’s financial circumstances should not be a barrier to their daughter’s education.

The Marymount Hardship Recovery Fund was established by the School in 2020 and several families relied upon it throughout the pandemic. In just 18 months, our community raised over £100,000 and supported 11 families through unprecedented difficulties.

Despite the easing of economic challenges, the demand for financial support has not reduced, and so the Hardship Recovery Fund has evolved into the Bursaries Fund. We are grateful for the community’s continued support, allowing us to open our doors to students from every background.

Supporting Campus Evolution

Since 2012, Marymount has invested heavily in campus redevelopment. Our most recent transformations include Main House, the STEAM Hub, improvements to the Auditorium and – most recently – the Sports Hall. The Governing Board have ensured prudent and sustained regeneration across the site, creating new and exciting spaces for all Marymount students.

Donor support is built into the very foundations of every building on our beautiful seven-acre site. By giving to Marymount, you will be joining hundreds of families who have supported the School throughout its history. This unbroken chain of giving has helped Marymount become what it is today and will ensure the continued fulfilment of our ethos and mission.

Main House
Renovated 2018 and 2019 thanks to a gift from the RSHM sisters
Chapel Renovations
Renovated 2014 thanks to support from the community
Fab Lab
Created thanks to donations from the community
Our Lady's
Built in 1993 thanks to a community appeal
Anne Marie Hill Sports Centre
Almost completely paid for by the School’s largest appeal to date, completed in 1985
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